'Kia kaha, kia kaha maia, kia manawanui - Be strong, have confidence and determination. Life is what you make it...'

Hinewai Clark, awardee, at the Auckland award ceremony 2017

Open for applications 17th July 2023

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If you have any questions, please contact: awards@newhorizonsforwomen.org.nz

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About the Award

The Jeanette Scott Award is for a woman preparing for a career in education who is studying for a New Zealand tertiary qualification at degree level. The applicants must be living and studying in the Otago or Southland regions of New Zealand The applicants will have completed one full year of a teaching or education degree, or be undertaking a post-graduate course in teaching and learning.   In deciding the award preference will be given to eligible women studying (in order) teaching at early childhood, primary or secondary school level education.    The award is a one-off grant to help with study and/or living expenses during study. The money may be used for tuition costs in pursuit of an approved course of study, experiential development, transport costs, costs associated with disabilities, childcare or other study-related expenses. It may be used in combination with funding from other sources.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for this Specific Purpose award you must meet all the following eligibility criteria: The applicant is a woman, who:

Is enrolled in a NZ approved tertiary qualification Is studying at a degree level or higher (NZQA Level 7 or more) Is undertaking a teaching qualification or education related programme of study.

Has completed at least one full year of a teacher education degree or is undertaking a post-graduate course in teaching and learning, or has completed one full year of an education related degree programme

Is studying and living in the Otago or Southland region of New Zealand Is a New Zealand citizen or holds a resident class visa Has not previously received a NHWT:HK Award at the proposed level of study

NOTE: This award is yet to be confirmed for 2023

Jeanette Scott Award

Jeanette Scott Award sponsored by Graduate Women Otago

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